Ken Phillips Exhibition History

Ken Phillips Exhibition History

1928 C.S.G.A. ‘Deserted’
1929 Mar. – O.S.A. ‘Cliff Top’ and ‘Overhang’
1931 Mar. ‑ O.S.A. ‘Invalid’
May ‑ color photograph of the painting featured in Toronto Star Weekly;
1933 Mar.‑ O.S.A. ‘Tanker’ and ‘Flooding Ice’
1934 Dec.‑ O.S.A. ‘Marie Cecilia Guard’   Aug. – C.N.E. Ken’s ‘Nude’ [with daffodils] reviewed by Globe and Mail critic Pearl McCarthy ‘considerable figure study’      Aug. – C.N.E. – C.S.G.A. 2 graphic works including ‘Introspect’
C.N.E. non-jury – still life
1935 O.S.A. ‘Miss Margot Guard’ [black chiffon cape]
R.C.A.  Self-portrait [with mirror]
C.S.G.A. ‘Introspect’ (wood engraving)
‘Dance’ (wood engraving)
‘Introspect’ wood engraving purchased by A.G.O.
1936 Mar.‑ O.S.A. ‘Votaress’; [largest work exhibited – along with Marie’s]
Aug. C.N.E. – C.S.G.A. ‘Book Plate for Marie Cecilia Guard’ (engraving)
‘Aphrodite’ (engraving)
‘River Edge’ (engraving)
1939 Sept. ‑ Ken’s wood engraving ‘Introspect’ (lent by AGO) was exhibited by the Canadian Society of Graphic Art at the World’s Fair, NY
1942 Mar. ‑ O.S.A. ‘Orchard’ [this work was purchased by a Toronto pathologist, present whereabouts unknown)
1943 April – Non-jury show at A.G. of T. ‘Midwinter’
Exhibited at Trinity Church Art Show, first Port Credit  Anglican Church, an art exhibition to raise funds for war effort
1944 Nov. ‑ South Peel Art Exhibition, Port Credit;
1945 April ‑ wins Merchant award for best ad of the week in North America, with Dorothy Frey, store advertising department copywriter, and Ira Reid, advertising layout artist;
1947 A.G. of T. ‘Introspect’ from A.G. of T. collection
1960 Port Credit Library show.
1964 Feb ‑ Port Credit Library show  April ‑ Ken’s drawings of Shea’s Hippodrome, reprod. w article Toronto Daily Star;
Sept. ‑ ‘Toronto that Was and London that Is’ exhibition at Toronto Central Library;
Sept. ‑ Ken’s drawing of Toronto house reproduced in column in Toronto Daily Star;
1965 Ken painted Markland Woods Golf Club mural;
K’s drawing of Henry St. Synagogue included in Hadassah Invitational Art Auction;
Nov. ‑ Port Credit Library show
1967 ‘Toronto’s Past as Seen by Ken Phillips’ Simpsons Treasure Gallery, Downtown
1960s (late) K exhibited at Toronto Arts & Letters club; proposed  as a member but declined because of time commitment involved   [would have involved frequent return trips in to Toronto at  night]
1970s A collection of K’s prints was bought and exhibited at the Lock & Key Room of the Toronto Dominion Centre, Toronto.
1974 ‘City Street and Country Stream’ show for K & M at Simpsons’ Cedarbrae show.  Ken was commissioned by Ted Burton (later married Toronto personality, Betty Kennedy) to do pictures of Burton’s house to be used as Christmas cards.

For more information on Ken Phillips contact: Peri Phillips McQuay –

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