Marie Cecilia Guard – Exhibitions


1930 November – M sold cover illustration to Chatelaine

Nov. ‑ R.A. ‘From an August Garden’ (watercolour, later destroyed)

Marie sold a cover illustration to Chatelaine [published Nov. 1930]

1931 April ‑ Chatelaine purchased a second cover illustration

from Marie

– C.S.G.A. tempera design for the Chatelaine cover along with a wash illustration drawing;

The National Gallery of Canada Annual Exhibition of Canadian Art, Ottawa, 1931 – ‘From an August Garden’, watercolor

Aug.‑Marie sold cover illustration to The Canadian Magazine

1933 March – O.S.A. ‘Green Eye‑shade’, ‘Iris’ (watercolor)

C.N.E. ‘The Gree Eyeshade'[bought by art collector Perkins Bull of Brampton],

1934 Mar. – O.S.A. ‘Overmantel’ and ‘Margot’

C.N.E. ‘Margot’

Nov. 1934‑ R.C.A. ‘Idyl’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’; ‘Once Upon a Time’ also travelled across Canada

1935 Feb –  ‘Figures and Flowers’ Solo Exhibition Simpson’s Downtown 6th Floor Gallery

1935 Mar. ‑ O.S.A. ‘Upward’ [largest work exhibited this year] and ‘Miss Dorothy Marks’

1935, Aug. ‑ C.N.E. – Non-jury Exhibition – ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Mrs. Percy Guard’

C.N.E. (Canadian Fine Art) ‘Upward’

Aug. – C.S.G.A. ‘Rondo Capriccioso’ (dry point)

‘Salome’ (dry point)

‘Summer’ (watercolor)

‘Illustration for Mme Bovary’ (brush drawing)

– Alumni Association Exhibition ‘Once Upon a Time’, ‘Margot’, ‘Begonias’, ‘Lilies’, ‘July’

1936 O.S.A. ‘Sunlight’ [Nude–Margaret–with Peonies] [largest work exhibited this year, along with Ken’s]

C.N.E. ‘Sunlight’

1937 Mar. ‑ O.S.A. ‘Zelma’

C.N.E. ‘Zelma’

1940 Mar. ‑ O.S.A. Marie’s portrait of Ken exhibited

1943 Exhibited at Trinity Church Art Show, first Port Credit Anglican Church, an art exhibition in support of the war effort,

Marie’s painting ‘In the Garden’ selected to illustrate the show’s review (published in Evening Telegram);

1944 Nov. – South Peel Art Exhibition, Port Credit ‑Marie’s portrait of Ken in Sunlight praised in reviews

1945 Mar. ‑ O.S.A. Marie’s ‘Flowers’ was purchased by a wealthy Toronto architect (present whereabouts unknown)

1946 Last O.S.A. picture exhibited.

1960 Port Credit Library show

1964 Feb. ‑ Port Credit Library show

Sept. ‑ ‘Toronto that Was and London that Is’ exhibition at Toronto Central Library;

 1965 Nov. ‑ Port Credit Library show

1974 May ‑ ‘City Street and Country Stream’ exhibit at Simpson’s Cedarbrae Store

1993 Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston – Solo Exhibition

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