Marie Cecilia Guard Dates

Born October 8, Toronto, Ontario.
1922 January ‑ attended Central Tech, Toronto three days per week with Frederick Challener;
March ‑ diagnosed with TB, had to stay home.
1923 Spring ‑ Attended O.C.A. three full days a week; her teacher was Arthur Lismer; courses in composition, drawing and museum study.
1924 Spring ‑ O.C.A. three afternoons a week, teacher Arthur Lismer.
1925‑1926 O.C.A. first full year, teachers J.E.H. MacDonald, Arthur Lismer, Herbert Stansfield and Emanuel Hahn
1926‑1927 O.C.A. second year full‑time day student.
1928‑1929 Took dress design course and supplemented income by posing for costume class at O.C.A. where she met Ken Phillips.
1930 Jan. ‑ went to New York with Ken to study at Grand Central Art School; then National Academy full-time;
April 22 ‑ married Ken Phillips
November – Marie sold cover illustration to Chatelaine
Nov. ‑ ‘From an August Garden’ (water color, later destroyed) shown at Royal Canadian Academy exhibit held at the Art Gallery of Toronto;Marie sold a cover illustration to Chatelaine (published Nov. 1930).
1931 Chatelaine purchased a second cover illustration from Marie ‑ that same month, Marie exhibited her tempera design for the Chatelaine cover at the Canadian Society of Graphic Art along with a wash illustration drawing;
Aug. ‑ Marie sold cover illustration to The Canadian magazine; Exhibited ‘From an August Garden’ (water color) in the National Gallery of Canada Annual Exhibition of Canadian Art, Ottawa.
1932‑1933 accepted into O.C.A. fourth year on basis of her ability and the classes she had attended in New York; life drawing classes taught by Beatty and letter and design taught by Carmichael;
March 1933 ‑ ‘Green Eye‑shade’ was exhibited by O.S.A.
‘Iris’ (water color) at C.N.E.
1934‑1935 O.C.A. Post‑graduate year.
1934 – March ‘Overmantel’ and ‘Margot’ exhibited by O.S.A.; C.N.E. ‘Margot’;Nov. – ‘Idyl’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’ exhibited by R.C.A.; ‘Once Upon a Time’ also traveled across Canada.
Feb. – ‘Figures and Flowers’ Solo Exhibition Simpson’s Downtown 6th Floor Gallery;
Mar. – ‘Upward’ (largest work exhibited this year) and ‘Miss Dorothy Marks’ exhibited by O.S.A.
Aug. – ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Mrs. Percy Guard’ exhibited at the Artist Annual Non‑Jury Exhibition, C.N.E.; C.N.E. (Canadian Fine Art) ‘Upward’;C.S.G.A. ‘Rondo Capriccioso’ (dry point), ‘Salomé’ (dry point), ‘Summer’ (water color), illustration for Madame Bovary (brush drawing); Alumni Association exhibition ‘Once Upon a Time’ (oil), ‘Margot’ (oil), ‘Begonias’ (water color), ‘lilies’ (water color), July’ (water color).
1936 ‘Sunlight’ (Nude With Peonies) exhibited by O.S.A. (This and Ken’s were the largest works exhibited this year.); C.N.E. ‘Sunlight’; both Ken and Marie attended Sunday morning sessions at the Canadian Graphics Club.
1937 Mar.‑ ‘Zelma’ exhibited by O.S.A.; Aug. – ‘Zelma’ shown at CNE;
May ‑ Oct. ‑ Ken and Marie purchased land at 182 Harborn Rd. (now Trail), Mississauga.
1938 Jan. ‑ Started building Harborn house;
Mar. 12 ‑ moved permanently to Harborn. 1939 Ken and Marie attended teacherless evening life classes at O.C.A. for practice.
1940 Mar.‑ Marie’s portrait of Ken exhibited by O.S.A., Art Gallery of Toronto.
1943 Exhibited at Trinity Church Art Show, first Port Credit Anglican Church, an art exhibition in support of the war effort; Marie’s painting ‘In the Garden’ selected to illustrate the show’s review (published in Evening Telegram); trip to Planetarium in N.Y. inspired Marie to paint ‘I Ascend From the Night’.
1944 Nov. ‑ Marie and Ken participated in South Peel Art Exhibition, Port Credit; Marie’s portrait of Ken in Sunlight praised in reviews.
1945 Mar.‑ Marie’s ‘Flowers’ exhibited and sold at the O.S.A. show at the Art Gallery of Toronto;
1946 Last O.S.A.  picture exhibited; Port Credit exhibition included painting of daughter.
1958‑1961Started teaching adult night school art classes, and also teaching private students.1960 Port Credit Library show for Marie and Ken.
1964 Feb. ‑ Port Credit Library show for Marie and Ken.
1965Nov. ‑ Port Credit Library show for Marie and Ken.
1966 Marie and Ken on sketching trip to Europe: ‑ Bath, Minehead, London.
1967 Marie and Ken on sketching trip to Europe: – Amiens, Paris, London.
1968 Marie and Ken on sketching trip to Europe: Folkestowe, Boulogne, Milan, Verona, Venice, Florence, London, Rye; attending teacherless life classes at Summerhill, Toronto.
1969 Marie and Ken on sketching trip to Europe: Basle, Lugano, Belinzona, Airolo, Schwyz, Lucerne, Salisbury, Weymouth, Corfe, Swanage.
1971 Marie and Ken on sketching trip to Europe: Le Touquet, Avignon, Amiens, Montpelier, London, St. Albans, Brighton, New Haven.
1973 Ken retired.
1974 May ‑ ‘City Street and Country Stream’ exhibit for Marie and Ken at Simpson’s Cedarbrae Store.
1975 Marie and Ken on sketching trip to England and France one week in France, Amiens and Paris, three weeks in England, York, Brighton, Looe and Lewes, Cheltenham.
1978 April ‑ moved to eastern Ontario.
1981 Marie and Ken on sketching trip to Wales, London, England.
1983 Marie and Ken on sketching trip to Edinburgh, Tenby, Wales, Canterbury, London
June ‑ Ken died.
1984 attended evening life class at St. Lawrence College, Kingston without instruction.
1989 Marie on sketching trip to Nova Scotia.
1993 Solo Exhibition Agnes Etherington Art Centre
2003 November – Marie died

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